“I Am Peace, I Am.”
Jay Jackson

The Power of Coaching

Are you searching for an unfailing strategy to transform your trajectory? In need of a personalized blueprint to increase your capacity to Think, Be, and Do things 'extraordinarily'? Partnering with Jay Jackson Elite Performance Coaching is the catalyst you need to reach your desired outcomes.


Coaching is powerful! It guides us towards fundamental shifts in our mindsets. These changes modify the path of our careers and lives. The shifts are easy to understand, easy to communicate and – for many people – relatively easy to accomplish, once we know what we want.


Our coaching relationship will help you identify your vision and develop a strategy to help you understand the steps for long-term success. We'll mastermind and execute this plan to help you develop, transform, and fly to new heights in life or business.


When you have a coach to guide you on your journey, you'll expedite your progress and experience quantum leaps on your road to success. Allowing you to be more effective and efficient. Unlocking your greatness!


If you think you can't afford coaching - you're wrong! You can't not afford coaching. The time is now. Hiring a coach is an investment that will bring increase to you, others, and most importantly the world!


A paradigm is a standard, perspective, or set of ideas. Regulating how we think and behave.


We've all made the dreaded mistake of conforming to the status quo--robotic, visionless, passionless, and lacking a deeper meaning. Experiencing occasional glimpses of happiness and fulfillment. Thinking you’ll get to where you want to be by chance.


Together, you'll receive an overview of the hindrances to your growth--your influences, your thoughts, your words, your behaviors, and your feelings. We'll build new paradigms with knowledge, wisdom, and insight--understanding what they are and how to assemble their collaboration for your advancement.


Leadership Development

Leadership is creating an environment conducive to build and sustain, positive transformation within people. Great leaders align their values and vision with the mission of their business to create a better future.


Leaders demonstrate this through interpersonal and problem-solving skills. Leaders facilitate the development of a shared vision and exude the companies core values.


Leaders also cultivate team members who strive to become leaders. It is this approach to leadership that builds lasting legacies.



Jay is a lightning rod for transformational change. Jay leverages his years of military and life experience combined with his ageless wisdom to connect with individuals and organizations at a cellular level, which allows for rapid and lasting change. I have had the privilege of working with Jay on both radio and community projects, and as a result of those interactions, the trajectory of both my career and life have been positively altered. Jay not only talks about transformational change but he embodies the philosophy. For those organizations and individuals looking for dramatic transformation and growth, Jay is your guy.

Chris Jackson | Professional Speaker | High Performance Coach | Military Veteran

Jay is an extraordinary individual who possesses several characteristics that contribute to his success. He is persistent and is an active learner; in the time I’ve known him, he has pro-actively identified and attended a significant number of high-quality programs designed to improve and enlarge his skill set. Jay places a premium on goal-setting in his professional life. He has also shown an aptitude for communicating across a range of media domains, including radio, television, the Internet, and by writing books.

All of these personal attributes contribute to Jay’s motivation to be a successful coach and enable him to communicate effectively with his clients from a first-hand perspective.

Pete Williams | Mergers & Acquisitions | Small Business Consulting | LinkedIn Training

Jay’s insightful analyses of life’s lessons are eloquently captured with great honesty. His resilience is captivating, his voice refreshing, and his passion for helping others positively reshape their perspectives on life and soar is phenomenal!

Shon Barnwell | Founder, Events Of Excellence | Military Veteran

Jay is an indispensable asset for any team and an incredible leader. Consistently challenging you to take a leap and stretch to increase your capacity in every facet. Supporting you each time you jump.

Katrina Meyer | Owner/Photographer at Katrina Meyer Photography, LLC

Jay is a charismatic and energetic leader! He can take complex concepts and explain them to others showing the mastery of the subject matter. His positive and “can do” attitude is infectious, which led to quarterly and annual awards for his performance. Inspirational in all that he does!

James Hairston | Senior Logistics Security Analyst at Expeditors

Jay is a naturally-gifted motivator with an innate ability to awaken a person’s inner beast! He reflects his true passion for people living their best lives in his coaching and public speaking. If you’re looking for someone to stretch you and not afraid to challenge the status quo, I highly recommend Jay.

Lakeitha Gray | CEO at Behave LLC | Founding Partner at The Chrysalis Experience

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