Be Extraordinary

6 Tips to Be Extraordinary Today!

Do you believe you can design a systematic approach to achieve the objectives you desire? What if you could learn how to step into your power and take massive action to “Be Extraordinary?”
Well, you can!
It’s time to do something different. Stop following the herd to the slaughter. Today is your day to decide that you’ve had enough. No more excuses, period!
Are you exhausted with receiving surface level information and not experiencing results?
If that’s you, you must summon your power and take extraordinary action to achieve a breakthrough!

Have you noticed some people have limitless energy, healthy relationships, and produce more? It’s because they’ve decided there are no limitations and demand the best from themselves. Furthermore, this is the mindset of their friends and community.

Choosing to live an extraordinary life is hard work. To become great at your craft, you must design systems, execute your processes, and exercise discipline in your healthy habits. You must make sacrifices and invest in you to #BeExtraordinary.
Therefore, it doesn’t make you arrogant because you choose to live life above the bar.

You’ve earned it.

Being Extraordinary is Okay!

During the summer of 2013, individuals I trusted as leaders, attacked my essence. Said I had character issues. Labeled me arrogant and many other things in public, and only they and the Universe know what in private.


At the time, I couldn’t understand why. Why does society punish individuals for being self-assured? It is because insecure people establish and enforce assinine, self-protecting unwritten rules.
During my battle with the U.S. government, my mental strength was drained and I sank into a major depression. This experience led to me abusing alcohol, recreational drugs, and promiscuity. Unfortunately, this experience also resulted in the demise of my military career. And I take full responsibility for my role in that debacle. However, there are ZERO regrets!
Since then, I’ve worked hard to get my mojo back. I’ve invested thousands of hours and dollars in books, workshops, conferences, and coaches to teach me how to leverage my military experience and improve at my craft.
I now understand “The unhealthy opinions of others is none of my business.”

Look, it’s no secret. “Some individuals are content with producing ‘Ordinary’ results.

While a small percentage of us demand ‘Extraordinary’ outcomes.” With which group do you most identify?
Check out my tips if you’re ready to participate in a little self-assesment!


6 Tips To Be Extraordinary Today!


1. Be of Service

Extraordinary men and women understand the power of service. Purposeful service that enriches the lives of those you serve. Being of service also enhances your quality of life. Acts of service raise your energy vibrational frequency. Being of service strengthens your personal power, and attracts into your life that which you desire to manifest.    
Being a servant leader doesn’t mean you perform tasks to check a box. This type of service is empty and wastes everyone’s time, energy, and resources. True servants will sniff you out like a K9 after the Taliban. 
Serve the masses with joy and passion in your heart. Strive to deliver extraordinary service!

2. Express Gratitude

Being grateful strengthens your soul!
Expressing gratitude is an external reflection of your character. This expression exhibits the status of your mindset. Expressing gratitude is a characteristic of an abundant thinker. Someone who genuinely appreciates your efforts, and leaves you feeling energized and optimistic.
In contrast, scarcity thinkers believe there’s not enough for every. These individuals horde their knowledge, contacts, and compassion. Scarcity thinkers complain, and leave you drained and demoralized.
How do people leave your presence?
You must show the pleasantry of gratitude even during your challenging experiences. Yes, it takes superhuman courage to express gratitude during your hardships. However, it is during your challenges that your character matures.
It’s your expression of gratitude during difficulties that distinguish you from the ‘Ordinary.’
Furthermore, it is your appreciation that allows you to embark upon extraordinary opportunities.

3. Raise Your Standards

Demand the best!
Don’t settle for anything less than greatness. Raising your standards applies to the quality of your work, the effort you give, and the choices you make. You might consider your current standards sufficient. However, I assure you, you can increase your output and make better decisions.
Raising your standards is critical to #BeExtraordinary in your life or career.

4. Maintain A Growth Mindset

It’s more than a buzzword!

A growth mindset welcomes new information and embraces unique opportunities. To #BeExtraordinary, you must free yourself from unhealthy traditions. Furthermore, you must evolve as a spiritual being having a temporary human experience.

For example, when presented the chance to participate in uncomfortable opportunities, take them. These experiences will increase your capacity to #BeExtraordinary.
Break away from the status-quo. You’ll discover some things about yourself that you didn’t know you were capable of doing. Destroy the damn box society has forced you in! Take risks!

5. Improve Your Physical Health

Your wealth is good health!

Don’t become alarmed. I won’t suggest an hour at the gym 5-7 days per week unless you desire to #BeExtraordinary. Elite performers understand the impact; consistent exercise has on their results. The greater your physical wellness, the more extraordinary you become. Also, being physically active boosts your creativity, increases your vitality, and reduces stress. Thirty minutes, three days per week is a great starting point.

Your health and wellness strategy must also include fresh fruits and green vegetables. Stay away from refined grains and sugars. Also, if you must eat meat, stick with organic fish and chicken.
Chemicals in processed foods make you sluggish, overweight and lead to deadly diseases (i.e. cancer, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.).
That’s right. No more burgers, fries, and Chic-fil-a chicken biscuits. Scratch the ribs, chips, and chicken tenders, too.
Stop rolling your eyes! I thought you wanted to #BeExtraordinary?

6. Be A Strategic Voracious Learner

Stop playing checkers and start playing chess!
Consuming information from unenlightened sources will keep you trapped in your current state. Yes, every messenger has a purpose. However, remain aware of your frequency and duration spent as the smartest person in the room. Therefore, be intentional about what you read, the videos you watch, and events you attend. 
By being intentional the past four years, I’ve added multiple streams of income and regained peace in my mind. To #BeExtraordinary, you must subjectively select what you permit into your mental factory. I would love to teach you how. 
If you’re struggling to make ends meet or not where you want to be, look around. Your net worth mirrors the conversations you have.

We become like the people we associate with, and that’s why Winners attract Winners. Exposure to people more successful will expand your thinking and catapult your success.

Reading is a great way to learn, however, another is by having conversations with smart people!
“We’re the average of the five people we spend the most time with.” Jim Rohn



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