Hope Sucks As A Strategy

Hey! With all the talk about living your dream and finding your “WHY.”

I thought I’d give you a nice nudge/light shove in the right direction.

Yep, a NUDGE!

You see, most people aren’t trained to achieve their goals.

We’re actually taught the opposite…
…to go to college
…pile up debt
…get a “good job with benefits”
…and HOPE we’ll make it

But hope is a terrible strategy.

Here’s what I mean by that.

Working at a job and hoping you won’t get fired, or hoping you won’t go broke isn’t a good gameplan. Because hoping you can do something (i.e., one day start your own business) won’t actually make it happen.

Hope that isn’t tied together with a plan, a process, and ACTION is the strategy of the poor.
So, I want to give you something.
…a true story.

I know you’re gonna love it!

This time three years ago, I was fired from the job I thought I’d do my entire life. I was stressed, frustrated, and even had to fight off depression. Since then, I’ve attended tens of workshops/conferences, read hundreds of books, and invested thousands of dollars in coaching to help me get from where I  was to where I am today.

I now travel to speak, I’ve written my 2nd book, created multiple streams of income, and I coach people just like you on how they can get from where they were to where they are today: Living their best life ever!

If we can do it, so can you. And I want to teach it all to you.

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